👉 Are you interested in placing DENTAL IMPLANTS, but still struggle with the basic surgical protocol?

👉 Do you place dental implants, but you encounter many DIFFICULT CASES, which need special attention?

👉Are you willing to JUST GET BETTER in managing your daily cases?

🔥If your answer is “YES”, then you should consider a COACHING program!

🔥My name is Dr. Mihnea Cafadaru, I’m an implant dentistry specialist from Romania.
I am focused in minimally invasive surgical protocols, soft tissue and hard tissue management around implants and teeth, periodontal plastic surgery and prosthodontics.

👨‍🎓 I would like to SHARE MY KNOWLEDGE with you in this ONE to ONE ONLINE mentorship program.

❓ What is the ONLINE ONE TO ONE COACHING program❓

✅ The course is online, so you can be anywhere you want.

✅ You will learn how YOU can manage normal and difficult cases in your daily routine.

✅ You will learn the theoretical background, in order to be able have a clear understanding of all implantology aspects.

✅ You will benefit from an eficient direct discussion, based on your cases.

✅ We will meet online every day for a week, and discuss: routine, protocols, cases, special situations.

✅ You will learn how to become a better clinician and how to be more efficient.
For more informations and available spots, feel free to contact us.

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